Have you tried drills?

Tennis Drills

Have you been looking for a way to improve your tennis game, meet new people and your get fit at the same time? We’re so glad you’re ready because we have the perfect way to do just that!

Drills at Bridges are a fantastic way to get out on the court and stay active. The best part is that you’ll have a whole lot of fun and enjoy a ton of socializing! Our tennis drills are group mini-games that focus on various components of your tennis skills with a huge dollop of cardio intermixed to provide the perfect workout!

Call Parham Bridges today and sign up for our drills; you’ll propel your fitness forward and skyrocket your skills with a lot of lively action along the way! 

Tennis Drill Schedule

  • Mondays: 9am and 6pm 
  • Tuesdays: 6pm 
  • Wednesdays: 9am and 6pm 
  • Thursdays: 6pm (Thirsty Thursdays: Enjoy an adult beverage with other players after drills.) 
  • Fridays: 9am 
  • Saturdays: 9am

*All days and times are subject to change. If Bridges is hosting a day or weekend tournament, drill times may be changed or canceled entirely. Most often, this will affect Friday & Saturday drill times. 

*Drills are always weather permitting.

Drills @ Bridges are SO! Much! FUN!!

– Jamie from Ridgeland Mississippi

What are tennis drills? 

Tennis drills are specifically designed to increase your physical fitness and hone your tennis skills through fun and engaging cardio activities. Its also a great way to meet new friends and find community.

Drills occur on anywhere from 2 to 5 courts (based on the number of total participants) with 8 players each. Each court has a tennis pro guiding you through these vigorous activities. You’ll start with warm-up activities to get your body moving and the blood pumping. Then, every 15 minutes, you’ll switch to a new challenging and entertaining mini-game! 

How long is each tennis drill session?

Tennis drills at Bridges are 90 minutes long, consisting of 6 different rounds lasting 15 minutes each.

How do tennis drills help me?

Tennis is a sport that requires both physical and mental stamina and especially, muscle memory. It’s important for tennis players to consistently engage in drills that help you develop both cardio fitness and skills necessary to play a long match. Tennis drills help with this, as well as expanding tennis skills such as footwork, swings, volleys, backhands, and court coverage. You’ll also improve your hand-eye coordination, concentration, stamina, timing, team play, and muscle memory while decreasing the likelihood of injuries.

What are some examples of drills?

There are a ton of different drills and mini-games. These are just some examples of drills you may experience at Parham Bridges.

  • 2 up, 2 back: A mini tennis game practiced with 2 players at the net and 2 players at the serving line.
  • Ball chases
  • Volley drills
  • Lob and overhead drills
  • We typically finish with Bump the Chump: A favorite involving quick matches that require two points in a row to knock the winner out, and then sprinting to the other side of the court to prepare for your next round.

How are the drills organized?

The tennis drills at Parham Bridges are organized by skill level. Drills take place on anywhere between 2 and 5 courts, depending on response. The courts are divided by skill level, ranging from beginner to 4.0+ and above. The breakdown of levels may change each time to accommodate the varying number of people in each level on any given day. For example, one day you may have two courts of 3.0 players but the next day, you may have only one court of 3.0 level players with a level up or down mixed in. 

How do I sign up for drills each day?

Add your name to the drill notification list. Text: (601) 573-2295

Now that you’re ready to participate in these active and exciting drills to get a great workout and develop your tennis skills, the first step is to add your name to the drill notification list.

Kelli texts or messages on GroupMe everyone on the notification list the day before each drill and takes RSVPs on a first-come, first-served basis until the courts are filled. If you respond to Kelli before the courts are filled, you will have a saved spot for drills the next day. We’re constantly building our tennis community one person at a time, so bring a friend! 

About Bridges Tennis Center Jackson, MS

Parham Bridges is the leading tennis facility in Jackson. Open to all ages and abilities, we proudly build a more active Jackson community one fantastic tennis event at a time! We are passionate about tennis and we host a variety of tennis tournaments, leagues, and mixers. Come improve your tennis game through our fun and interactive matches, tennis lessons, and lively drill activities. The tennis team at Parham Bridges can’t wait to meet you on the court! 

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