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Tennis Brands

Brands we carry:

  • Tourna
  • Head
  • Experia
  • Yonex
  • Babolat
  • Penn
  • Head
  • Fila
  • K Swiss
  • Wilson
  • Nike
  • Volkl
  • Under Armour
  • Luxilon
  • Asics
  • Diodora
  • Brooks
  • Ame and Lulu
  • Haute Store
  • Glove It
  • Maggie Mather
  • Free People Movement
  • Lucky in Love

Are you in need of a new tennis racket? Some fresh, new strings? Perhaps you are just looking for a place to purchase some quality tennis apparel. Have you been searching Jackson high and low for the top tennis items? Look no further than Overkil Pro Shop at Parham Bridges! We are the best tennis shop in Jackson and we are passionate about tennis gear. 

Our racks are full of the latest and greatest tennis rackets and our shelves are stocked with all the major brands of tennis gear from strings and grips to court shoes and sweatbands. And when it comes to stylish tennis apparel, we have everything you need to look your best on the court. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff can help you find the perfect tennis equipment matches for your playing style. Best of all, we offer competitive prices on all of our products. Overkil Pro Shop has everything you need to get started in the game or to take your play to the next level! 

Best Tennis Brands for Sale Near Me

 Any avid tennis player knows that having the right gear is essential to performing your best on the court. From the right racket to the perfect pair of shoes, everything can make a difference in your game. But when it comes to tennis gear, how do you know which brand is right for you? There are many tennis brands on the market, each with its own unique style and advantages. At Overkil Pro Shop, you don’t have to choose because we have it all! Our inventory offers the best tennis gear and latest tennis apparel brands.

As experienced tennis pros, the Overkil Pro Shop staff carefully selects all our inventory. We want to provide you with the best in the industry that delivers on form, function, durability, affordability, and quality. When you shop with us, you know that you’re getting only the highest-quality tennis products that will accentuate your natural abilities on the court, as well as enhance your comfort and protection. 

Top Tennis Shop Jackson MS

Located in the Parham Bridges Tennis Facility, Overkil Pro Shop stocks American tennis brands, European tennis brands, luxury tennis apparel, designer tennis clothes, vintage tennis brands, and much, much more. For beginners and professionals alike, we carry all the best tennis gear brands complete with a wide range of accessories and equipment, so you can always be prepared for your next match. 

Gone are the days of scouring the internet for tennis gear for sale online, where you have to make a decision based on blurry images and vague descriptions. At Overkil, you can test out potential tennis rackets, run around in every pair of shoes you’d like to try, and feel the fit of the tennis clothing you’re considering. So come visit Overkil Pro Shop today and get the best possible tennis gear to highlight your skills in your next match! 

About Bridges Tennis Center Jackson, MS

Parham Bridges is the leading tennis facility in Jackson. Open to all ages and abilities, we proudly build a more active Jackson community one fantastic tennis event at a time! We are passionate about tennis and we host a variety of tennis tournaments, leagues, and mixers. Come improve your tennis game through our fun and interactive matches, tennis lessons, and lively drill activities. The tennis team at Parham Bridges can’t wait to meet you on the court! 

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