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Tennis Clothing

Overkil Pro Shop at Parham Bridges is the best place to find tennis apparel in Jackson, MS. You’ll find everything you need to strike the right balance between comfort and style. After all, you want to look good on the court but you also need to be able to move freely and stay cool, especially in Mississippi’s hot climate. For women, a tennis dress is a great option to provide the coverage you need without restricting your range of motion. For men, tennis shorts are a must. They allow you to stay cool and move freely, while still looking sharp. With the right tennis clothes, you’ll have everything you need to perform your best. Whether you’re looking for a new tennis outfit or just need to restock your tennis gear, Overkil Pro Shop is the perfect place to shop for all the best tennis clothing brands.

Top Tennis Brands Clothing

The best tennis clothes brands have carefully designed clothing for tennis that maximizes movement, comfort, and protection. Playing in the blazing sun requires a certain level of sun protection from your clothing. At the same time, you want to stay cool and have full movement. Additionally, while tennis is a relatively informal sport, there is still a dress code that is followed by most players. For men, this typically means wearing shorts and a collared shirt. Women usually wear a tennis dress or a tank top with skirts, skorts, or compression shorts. While there is some flexibility in what you can wear, following these general guidelines for tennis clothing will ensure that you look and feel at the top of your game on the court. So how do you know what will work best for you and what should you look for in tennis clothes? Let’s explore a little! 

Tennis Headwear & Sunglasses

When choosing tennis attire, you’ll want to consider headgear and perhaps sunglasses for sun and sweat protection. Try a few styles of hats, visors, and headbands to determine which material and style is most comfortable for you without hindering your line of vision. Sunglasses can reduce eye strain, harsh glare, and UV light, providing both protection and increased visibility during a match. A bonus is that wearing sunglasses for tennis also cuts down on the number of wrinkles that may arise from hours spent squinting in the sun! 

Tennis Shirts & Tops for Sale Near Me

All the top tennis brands have spent considerable time and effort finding the perfect cuts and materials to maximize cooling, comfort, and maneuverability on the tennis court. As such, you’ll have a ton of options when selecting shirts for tennis. Look for a fabric that is breathable and soft. You may want to select a shirt that has cooling technology or wicks moisture so you’re not drenched in sweat for the entire match. Some courts require sleeves, so be sure to be aware of the tennis clothing regulations for your court or club. For women, some tops have built-in sports bras while others require the purchase of separate racerback sports bras; try a few to determine which style offers the most comfort and support for you! 

Tennis Shorts Brands to Buy

As with shirts, tennis shorts that are well-designed with the right fabric are a must! It is best practice to select shorts specifically designed for tennis, as these often feature perspiration-wicking fabrics that offer support and ease of movement. Avoid regular shorts, gym or running shorts, or long pants which tend to provide very little support or restrict movement. You may also consider pockets for ball storage, depending on your needs. Women’s regulations also now allow for leggings or compression shorts for tennis, so this is another option to consider.

Tennis Dresses & Tennis Skirts 

For women’s tennis dresses, skirts or skorts, you’ll want to choose tennis brands that have designed clothing with flexibility and function in mind. Many women’s tennis clothes come with built-in shorts or undergarments so it’s important to try everything on and move a little to ensure comfort and support. Tennis skirts with clean lines and streamlined designs are important so that you’re not obstructed by excess fabric that interferes with your range of motion. Also, consider ball storage in the form of pockets or tucks in the tennis dress or skirt.

Tennis Apparel for Sale Near Me

Offering the very best tennis attire, Overkil Pro Shop has everything you’ll need for a comfortable, cool tennis match. You’ll find men’s and women’s tennis apparel in all the most popular tennis brands that are specifically designed to wear for tennis practice. We have Nike Tennis, Under Armour, Fila, Tasc, Free People Movement, Lucky in Love, and more! we have it! Want to dress up a little for the big game? We’ve got you covered there too because we have the latest and greatest in designer tennis clothes, luxury tennis brands, and boutique tennis apparel. We have a wide selection of tennis clothes for men, women, and children. In addition, our prices are unbeatable. So come on down to Overkil Pro Shop to buy tennis clothing in Jackson today!

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Parham Bridges is the leading tennis facility in Jackson. Open to all ages and abilities, we proudly build a more active Jackson community one fantastic tennis event at a time! We are passionate about tennis and we host a variety of tennis tournaments, leagues, and mixers. Come improve your tennis game through our fun and interactive matches, tennis lessons, and lively drill activities. The tennis team at Parham Bridges can’t wait to meet you on the court! 

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