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How To Choose Court Shoes for Tennis 

Your game is really only as good as your footwork. Tennis demands agility, speed, and precision. Whether you’re new to the sport or are a seasoned tennis professional, the right footwear can really make or break your game, greatly impacting your performance and comfort. So how do you choose the perfect pair? Overkil Pro Shop experts are here to break down the ins and outs of how to choose the right tennis shoes so that we can help you rally like a champ!

5 Tips for Choosing Shoes for Tennis

If you find yourself wondering “what should I look for in a pair of tennis shoes?” then you’re asking the right question. You can’t randomly choose a pair and expect greatness from them. The key to a successful tennis shoe shopping trip is to know what you’re looking for before you go shopping. With that in mind, the tennis pros at Overkil Pro Shop in Parham Bridges have carefully selected a few tips to consider when choosing shoes for tennis that will help guide you to the right pair. After all, your tennis shoes are your most valuable partner!

1. Understand Your Playing Style

Different styles of play require different shoes. Aggressive baseline shoes vary from serve-and-volley shoes, and so forth. Depending on whether you need extra support for lateral movement or lightweight material for speedy movements, you’ll have your options to choose from.

2. Foot Type and Size Matters

There are various foot types which matter greatly when choosing shoes for tennis. You may have neutral, overpronation, or supination feet which all require different types of shoes. Neutrals only need moderate arch support, overpronators need extra arch support and cushioning since the foot rolls inward, and underpronators (supine), tend to roll outward, so cushioning and flexibility are necessary. Another important aspect is correct sizing, allowing enough room for the foot to expand as you play while not allowing too much space where the foot will slide around.

3. Choose Court-Specific Tennis Shoes

Tennis court surfaces vary and your preferred court surface will dictate the type of shoe you purchase.The terrain on which you most commonly play is the type of shoe you should consider first and foremost. For instance, clay court shoes vary from grass court shoes. Check out the sole of the shoe and ensure that grip and durability are matched to your preferred terrain for peak performance.

4. Test and Try

Always ask if you can try your shoes out before purchasing. Testing the shoe on your preferred court surface is a fair request. Be sure to walk, jog, jump, and volley a little to gauge the shoe for its comfort, support, and responsiveness. Pay attention to any discomfort or areas that may need adjustment.

5. Consider Budget

While you want to invest in your performance, you shouldn’t have to break the bank on your shoes. The most durable, comfortable, and high-quality pair is where you should aim.

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